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The Hero And The Pain

by Adam Watts

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This is the seventh solo album by Adam Watts.
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• Exclusive bonus track "ANOTHER GREY MORNING" (only available here)
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• Lyric Video for the closing album track, "MORE"

A note from Adam Watts:

"Hey Guys,
I appreciate you coming to check out my new record. This album was born out of period of life where the highs and the lows were more extreme and unlike any I've had before. If you've ever been so deeply alone in your pain that you know you're the only one that can save yourself--by choosing to not linger there--then you know what it means to be the hero and the pain.

It feels so good to have this album finished and ready to share with you... hope you enjoy it and make it your own.

Releasing it first here on our BandCamp store (before iTunes, etc. etc). is a cool way to get it to you because of the bonus materials I can offer. You get all of it along with the album for 11 bucks... and if you want (and are able), you can add a tip. I can promise you, any tip you feel like tossing in, will go directly toward supporting my solo work in this artistically uncompromising and independent way (which I love!).

Thank you so much for listening... and for your support... it means the world to me.

Adam Watts"


released March 8, 2016

Produced, Performed, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by: Adam Watts
Recorded at: Broken City Studios, Brea, CA
Guest Vocals on "World War Three" by: iRussi
Strings on "Running Out Of Heroes" by: The Section Quartet
Strings Arranged & Recorded by: Eric Gorfain



all rights reserved


Adam Watts Brea, California

Adam Watts is an artist and co-founder of Broken City Artists.

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Track Name: The Hero and The Pain
The Hero And The Pain
Words and Music By Adam Watts

Caring has become a thing of the past
I broke bones, healed and I cut off the cast

Now nothing feels the same
And I’m numb inside but for this nagging shame...
Nagging shame

(Pre Chorus)
And I live but I never seem to learn
And I lie and lie so it doesn’t hurt
Now I’m on my own in this desert I’ve made
Where the sun beats down, and I have no shade

Another breath in
Another breath out
Another false win
I can lie to myself about
I’m the sky and the rain
I’m the wild and the tame
‘Cause I won’t choose death
I’m the hero and the pain

The hero and the pain
The hero and the pain

Now I’m loading the gun, and I’m planning attack
And I’m asking the Son, for my life back

‘Cause I killed all of my faith
When I cried for Him and no answer came...
No answer came

(Pre Chorus 2)
But I live, ‘cause there’s nothing else to do
And I scrape and grind, nothing left to prove

Got the devil inside and it’s hot as hell
And I serve my time, in this prison cell


Color me in or shoot me down
I could be black or underground
Start up war and scream my name
Save my life or dig my grave

I’m just a man that’s halfway done
Waiting for my ship to come
Will it come?

Track Name: A Wave Does What A Wave Does
A Wave Does What A Wave Does
Words and Music By Adam Watts

A wave does what a wave does
A heart hunts what a heart wants
You could circle the world and never touch the land
Will it take crashing on the rocks to help you understand

It isn’t up to me…
And it never was
I could beg you on me knees…
But it’d be just because.
A wave does what a wave does
A wave does what a wave does

A life bends until a life breaks
When both give, does anyone really take?
I expected more, now I don’t know what for
Though the rock breaks the wave, it just comes back for more

It isn’t up to me
And it never was
I could beg you on me knees…
But it’d be just because.
A wave does what a wave does
A wave does what a wave does

Like a heart beats
Like an electrical storm in my veins
Like the sun beats down, down
And the moon takes it’s place

Track Name: Motherfather
Words and Music By Adam Watts

This is how a heart breaks
It doesn’t tell you why
It bleeds, then it dies

This is how the dark takes
Every inch your life
Then it laughs while you cry

And you wonder where you are
How you were killed but didn’t die

Where are you now
Motherfather… Motherfather

Where were you then
Motherfather… Motherfather

And I watch for the signs
The promise you’d appear
I feel you inside
As I fight through the tears
Where are you now

This is how the past shakes
And the earth opens wide
And pulls you inside

Then no matter how brave you are
The heat starts to rise
And reopens the scars

Knocked to the ground the baby cries
Kicking holes in the sky

Track Name: Running Out Of Heroes
Running Out of Heroes
Words and Music By Adam Watts

Born under bright lights
Hearts beat, we're alive
Trying to be kings and queens

If we're lucky we're raised under love
But some of us starve, never get enough
Then we carry that weight up, up

They say we're running out of heroes
I say they're looking in the wrong place
'Cause if they really want a hero
It's in the way, in the way, you take away the pain

All night I sleep on a time bomb
With you by side it never goes off
They say we're running out of heroes
They don't see, you and me
And the secret that we both know

Hard falls, long nights
So few sympathize
We stand up, carry on breathing

We can choose to brave it alone
Gain the world while we lose our souls
But to save is beautiful

Track Name: Cage
Words & Music by Adam Watts

Don't understand it but I try to believe it
I have a feeling then a thought to destroy it

Under my skin a devil fights with an angel
While my newborn son breathes in and out in his cradle

Love & hate & pain & grace
When I fly I fall flat on my face
Live & die & in between
I will cage the animal parts of me
I’ll cage the animal parts of me

I have desire then a habit to tame it
Exposing wires that will kill i touch them...

One side a criminal the other a hero
Everything i want
Is a drug so I better be careful


I will cage
I will cage
I will cage
Track Name: World War Three (feat. iRussi)
World War Three
Words and Music By Adam Watts

It’s a cold one
The dead of our winter

Words freezing hearts
As they fall from our lips
Ain’t love a bitch

I thought we agreed to play fair
Then I saw something fly through the air

You’re dropping bombs… bombs… nuclear bombs
On this unsuspecting heart of mine

I might be wrong… wrong… all the way wrong
But you… didn’t have to turn out my lights

Goodbye love & peace
Our wrath has been released
You and me… world war three
You and me… world war three

And it’s no fun
No warmth cures the shiver

And we both hear, that battle call
Echoing, God help you and me


Track Name: From Here You're On Your Own
From Here You’re On Your Own
Words and Music by Adam Watts

I’m in the middle of nowhere
The center of dark
This isn’t about what is fair
It’s about where you are… and where you’re not

Oh how you run
Straight to your fun
And you bury it all
Turn your back as it falls

And now all that I can trust
Is that a wave does what a wave does

So I won’t pretend
That you’ll just bend, ‘cause you break
I’ll back away
So if it’s the end
I’ll put on thicker skin
You should you know
From here, you’re on your own

I’m painting a picture of us
It’s a head, a fire and a heart
Where all of the rhythms match up
And the sparks, pierce the dark

But, oh how you run
Straight to your fun
And you bury it all
Turn your back as it falls

I know that you’re trying a new way
But when your light turns on, I just might be gone

Track Name: Somebody Somewhere
Somebody Somewhere
Words and Music By Adam Watts

I can see that look in your eyes
I've seen it before a hundred times
It's not what I'm wanting to see
But seeing it means I’m the one you need...
And when you're done
Crying on my shoulder
You just see a friend
And my moment of hope is over
Can’t hold your heart as mine
But somebody somewhere will
I can’t seem to get this right
But somebody somewhere will
Yes... somebody somewhere will

I can tell it’s pressure you feel
As I’m trying to make the impossible real
That’s how it goes, this is life
You get what you get and you wish for more every time

And when I’m done
Crying on your shoulder
You just see a friend
Before it began it’s over

Verse 1
Pre Chorus 1
Track Name: Let You Win
Let You Win
Words and Music by Adam Watts

Here we go again
You start a war
Oh you cared before
But you don’t anymore

Here it comes again
And we aim to kill
To break the will
For the desire to win
The desire to win

There are only losers
In the fog of war
What do we do this for
Is there another way

Can we drop the weapons we’re holding
I’d never want you to hurt for nothing

But here we go again
You start a war
And so I break the door in
To say, I’ll let you win
To say, I’ll let you win
Track Name: Feels Like This
Feels Like This
Words and Music by Adam Watts

I wanna feel like this forever
I want the pain to hurt this good
I wanna live inside you’re weather
Let it destroy me If I could

I want the ghost of you to haunt me
In every shadow looking on
Off to the side I’ll feel you staring
But when I look you will be gone

And I’ll miss you the whole time you’re gone
But I won’t fall apart even with brittle heart I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine
So don’t take too long
I must admit…
That nothing else feels like this

I wanna close my eyes and feel you
Like I do when right there
And when I reach out to touch you
My hands find only air

Unlike a drug you don’t destroy me
But I’m addicted just the same
The push, the pull, the rise, the falling
I only wish that you would stay

Track Name: More
Words and Music by Adam Watts

We try to behave
We try to be brave
In the cradle of desperation
We cry out for a familiar revelation

Look me straight in the eyes
Remove your disguise, I’ll remove mine
Give me kings, I’ll give you aces
Feed me truth I want to taste it

And the world just turns and turns
And the sun just burns and burns
And the waves run hands of water up the shore
And my heart cries out for more
Give me more, give me more
Oh more… Oh more
I want more… more

We count the days
Put on a happy face
In the quiet we’re much more honest
Is there something more we could’ve missed

It’s a slow and steady ride
We convict and punish crimes
Then somewhere along we face it
How it is we’re all connected